Service Hours

This program is in place to invite parents to give their time to be directly involved and provide support and encouragement for our children to learn and our teachers to teach. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers so that they may join in class based activities, field trips etc., and to contact PFA committees to help out with all the events and activities. Alternatively, parents may contact teachers and PFA to ‘earn’ their hours by direct donations of goods for their child’s classroom and/or the wider school community. Donations are only accepted or given service hour credit if arranged with prior approval of teachers or PFA committee chairs. Parents are responsible for reporting to teachers and PFA committee chairs to have their hours counted and authorized each time they help with an event. Teachers and committee chairs are responsible for keeping accurate logs of helpers and their hours. This count is due at the school office on or before April 30. A calendar and list of PFA events is given out at Orientation. Every “Brown Envelope” carries flyers and information on opportunities for service in our community. These hours or equivalent donations are to be completed by April 30th of each year.

Service Hours are reported through Gradelink.

Have a question?
Email our service hours administrator at [email protected]

To see a list of upcoming opportunites to serve our school click here