After School Music

Show Choir
OLA Show Choir is offered as an extracurricular experience for 6-8th graders wishing to expand their vocal experience at Our Lady of the Assumption. This choir offers multiple opportunities for performance as well as the ability to learn and practice vocal techniques. The OLA show choir has participated in performances such as The OLA Fiesta, School Rallies, and other seasonal concerts. In addition to an exciting and positive performance environment, this group places focus on learning how to perform as a group, developing self-confidence, and growing as a musician each and every day.
All levels of ability are welcome!!  
Drumline is offered after school for students in 6-8th grade. This group's intention is to provide additional instruction of drum techniques, as well as to perform for special events and represent the school's percussion program. Students are able to perform on high-tension snare drums, marching bass drums, cymbals, and marching quad tom drums. It is the hope that this after-school performing group can prepare junior high students for high school music opportunities. Students must be ready and willing to read musical rhythmic notation. All levels of ability are welcome!