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Affording OLA

Our Lady of the Assumption School is an educational ministry of Our Lady of the Assumption Church.  We provide a Catholic education primarily for families who are members of the parish.  Tuition is the principal source for funding and vital to the continuation and support of all programs and instruction.  The school receives no direct funding from the parish, so our bookkeeping, maintenance, utilities and certain other day to day running costs are shared expenses.   Therefore, we offer “supporting parishioner” tuition rates to those families who actively participate in and contribute weekly or monthly to the Our Lady of the Assumption Parish.  A full explanation is available at the school office.


As an education ministry of Our Lady of Assumption community, our families are served by Our Lady of Assumption parish.  All school families are expected to be contributing financially and participating regularly in community events at Our Lady of Assumption parish mass.

                                                                                    10 months                     12 months

One Child                                $ 5,225.00                   $ 522.50                        $ 435.42

Two Children                             9,050.00                      905.00                            754.17

Three Children                         12,700.00                   1,270.00                         1,058.33

Four Children                          15,525.00                   1,552.50                         1,293.75


We understand that our families live in many of the surrounding communities. However, we are a parish school sharing the parish facilities with many other parish ministries, so it is expected that all OLA school families make regular Sunday contributions to Our Lady of Assumption parish.   Proof of contributions at another parish allows you to apply for Our Lady of Assumption parishioner rate. 


Registration Fee                   

Payment of the registration fee guarantees a student’s placement for the upcoming school year.  The money must be paid in full by the end of May each year in order to guarantee that a child’s name be placed on the new class lists.  Registration for both new and returning families opens in February each year. Fees are as follows:

                        $250.00 “early bird” registration for returning families before February 28

                        $300.00 for returning families who register before March 31

                        $350.00 per child for new families and for returning families who register on or after April 1

The following fees are collected up to the following due dates:

First Communion Fee                       $50.00 (where applicable) due 2/28/2018

Graduation Fee (8th Grade) $180.00 – due 5/4/2018 and does not include the end of year "Day Away" field trip

Additional Financial obligations per family

Service Hours            25 hours required or $500.00 buyout – due 4/30/2018.

Scrip                           $300.00 in commission or buyout of $300.00 on or before 10/30/2017.

                                    (A $50.00 penalty will apply if commission is not met by 05/31/2018).

Raffle Tickets            $275.00 due 03/30/2018. 

OLA school families are obliged to buy/sell $275.00 tickets (55 x $5.00 each).  These tickets will be included in the Fiesta raffle drawing to win $10,000.00, plus the chance for other Fiesta raffle prizes. Drawing will take place at OLA Fiesta on 05/13/18.

Returned checks, including but not limited to those received for PFA events, field trips and sports fees, are subject to a $35.00 fee per check.  More than one returned check during the school year may void all check writing privileges at Our Lady of the Assumption school.



Tuition is collected through FACTS Tuition Management Company   

  • All families need to sign up with FACTS Tuition Management Company -either on the twelve month schedule (July - June) or the ten month schedule (July – April)
  • Choose from two due dates - either 5th or 20th of each month.
  • Checking or savings accounts can be used as a form of automatic payment.
  • FACTS also accept Mastercard, American Express and Discover for a 2.75% convenience fee on the balance.
  • Families may opt to make two payments per month though FACTS – on both 5th and 20th. The twelve month schedule will, therefore, be twenty-four payments, the ten month schedule would be twenty payments. A fee of $45.00 will be paid to set up this service.
  • Existing families - If there are no changes in your existing account, you will be automatically enrolled and will be notified by FACTS when your payment will start.
  • New families are to turn in the FACTS application form, together with a voided check, to the school office immediately in order to start processing of your account indicating on the form the due date preferred. For joint accounts, please make sure that the responsible party and the person signing at the bottom is the same.
  • For credit card payments through FACTS, please call Mrs. Diego (ext. 207) at the school office to obtain the school account number for FACTS to credit your payments.


If debit payments to FACTS do not clear on the due date, the account holder is charged $30.00 for each missed payment.  FACTS will reattempt to collect on the money owed three more times on each following 5th and 20th of the month.  Each time a $30.00 fee is debited from their checking account and reminder notices are mailed out.  If payments do not clear after being presented twice the accountholders child(ren) may not attend school until payments are made or arrangements have been made with the principal to clear the debt. 

  • If an account is due on the 5th of the month and does not clear, it is represented on the 20th (now incurring the $60 charge). If it does not clear by the 27th of the month the child(ren) cannot attend from 28th of the month.
  • If an account is due on the 20th of the month and does not clear, it is represented on the 5th of the next month (now incurring the $60 charge). If it does not clear by the 12th of the month the child(ren) cannot attend from 13th of the month.


If a student is withdrawn during the school year, tuition must be paid for the whole year, as the school budget is based on the expectation of the student being present, covering the cost of all materials, teacher and staff salaries, facilities expenses, etc.  In exceptional circumstances, the Principal, in consultation with the Pastor, may allow the tuition to be calculated to reflect the full amount for each month that the child was present, based on ten equal monthly payments.  In this circumstance, parents must submit a letter explaining the circumstances and any supporting documentation.

Outstanding balances on any financial obligations at June 30 each year preclude enrollment for the following school year.  Children’s names are excluded from new class lists.  Any registration monies previously paid must be applied to the balance.  Once the debt is cleared, parents may register for the next year and the $300 registration fee will apply.  Only the names of those registered may be placed on the new class lists. 

Financial Assistance

Any family in need of tuition assistance must complete an application and submit supporting documentation. OLA uses the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic Education Foundation applications to make the determination of need. These forms are available in January each year for the following school year.  For more information please check their website www.cefdn.org. The parish finance council sub-committee reviews and determines the in-house financial awards.