Our Lady of the Assumption School is fortunate to offer an extended day care program, before and after school, to serve those students presently enrolled in the formal school program. The policies, guidelines and procedures are consistent with the school’s philosophy and mission, as well as the policy and rules of the school and Archdiocese of Los Angeles under the direction of the Principal. The Principal is the administrator responsible for the managerial aspects of the program, including financial management, and the recruitment, employment and, if required, termination of supervising personnel. Operations and organization for extended care at Our Lady of the Assumption is overseen by the Principal and in full consultation with the Daycare Director.

The children are supervised appropriately at all times with no more than fourteen children to each adult staff member. For younger children, this figure is 1:10. Two staff employees are available at all times in the event of an emergency and no child is left unattended. Archdiocesan student insurance covers students while enrolled in the Daycare program.

The Daycare program is required to maintain up-to-date family information, emergency contacts, and maintains a record of arrivals and departures. The school requires an extended school day agreement with participating parents.

Full information on the cost, times and availability is published annually in the Daycare Handbook. This is available from the Daycare Director, who may be contacted at 909-626-7135 ext. 227 and/or ext. 225 after 3:30 p.m. The fees charged to parents cover the total cost of the extended school day program.