Scrip Program

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a gift cards/certificates program that you can use at specific merchants in place of money.  You purchase the gift cards/certificates from OLA and the school earns a specific percentage of that purchase.  What you pay for the Scrip is the amount of purchase power you have; i.e. Stater Bros. – You pay $50.00, you can purchase $50.00 in merchandise at Stater Bros., and the school earns 5% (or $2.50 in “Commission”).  Percentages vary by merchant.  This program is a wonderful fundraiser for our school.  The more Scrip you purchase, the more money the school earns and you are not out any money at all.

We encourage all families to get in the habit of buying Scrip for all your shopping needs and to encourage family and friends to buy Scrip too.  Their purchases can be counted toward your Scrip requirement. Purchase Scrip for your everyday (such as groceries and gas) and gift giving (Birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions) purchases.

How do you buy Scrip?

  • You may purchase Scrip in the school office during school hours
  • email your Scrip order to [email protected]   or
  • use our convenient order form and send us your order through your child.
These orders will be filled the same day if the scrip is in stock or as soon as the stock is received. You may bring a check in when you pick up your order, or send a check with your child and we will send the order home with your child – your choice.
We also participate in eScrip at
OLA number is 137889476.
Grocery Store Rewards
If you shop at Ralphs or Food 4 Less, register your Rewards Card at and/or  OLA number is DW396 for Ralphs and RJ425 for Food 4 Less . You need to submit your quarterly report to the scrip office. 
**Amazon Smile is another Fundraising Program **
 Any money that is generated through Amazon Smile is a donation from Amazon to our school
 Amazon Smile is not part of the Scrip Program