Grading Policy

Report cards and progress reports are sent out three times a year. The Archdiocesan Grade Scale has been very slightly modified for use at Our Lady of the Assumption School in 3rd – 8th grades:
A = 94-100%     A- = 90-93%        
B+ = 88-89%     B = 84-87%   B- = 80-83%
C+ = 78-79%     C = 74-77%   C- = 70-73%
D = 60-69%              
F = 59% and below  
In 1st and 2nd grades the children are awarded the following marks:
O = Outstanding   G = Good
S = Satisfactory   NI = Needs Improvement
In Kindergarten the children are awarded the following marks:
M = Demonstrates expected development   X = Demonstrates emerging skill
T = Needs more time to develop   No mark = Not expected at this time
Official report cards are issued to parents at the end of each trimester, with the exception of Kindergarten teachers who issue progress reports for the first trimester and report cards for each trimester thereafter. Parents also receive progress reports midway through each trimester indicating both academic and behavioral progress.

Teachers in 4th – 8th grades have posted grades and conduct information online via the school website, accessible on the teachers’ homework pages and only through passwords issued to the individual children. Parents and children are given more information by teachers after the start of the year.

Behavior/Conduct (all grades)

O = Outstanding   G = Good
S = Satisfactory   NI = Needs Improvement
Academic Honesty
Academic honesty is expected in all students. Any behavior that violates academic standards, such as cheating, plagiarism, copying homework or misuse of technology carries a consequence. For each child involved in dishonesty, the usual punishment is to receive zero credit on the test or assignment. In some cases further disciplinary measures become necessary, up to and including suspension and expulsion.